Best stocks for long term investment

Hello Serious investor,

How are you doing?

Are you taking advantage of this COVID 19 situation?
Please dont take me wrong, its not a good thing to discuss about taking advantage but this is reality.
Instead of being panic we need to move forward in order to achieve our financial goals through long term investment

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Serious Investor

then, in this post we are going to see top best stocks to buy for long term

so these are the major best share to buy for long term.

Now, lets categories long term investment share/ stocks

1) Banking Sector

Banking Sector future in india, this sector is everygreen sector, infact every country's strong banking sector is a sign of powerful economy. This is the major reason , no matter which government is in the power. No one would let banking sector sink in crises. Indian goverment would always support banks in case if they come in trouble. Hence dont worry your money will be safe at any cost. but still I want to mind you for long term investment we shall go for big corporate banks as following.

Private sector banks:  There are three major players in private sector banking stocks.
i) HDFC Bank
ii) ICICI Bank
iii) Kotak Mahindra Bank

But if you ask me which one is best share to buy for long term, without an any doubt I would say HDFC Bank Stock.

in public sector: I dont recommend to go, if you want to go for best public sector bank in india. Go for State Bank of india. I personally urge you not to go with other PSU banks for long term investment.

2) FMCG Sector ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Who would stop eating and stop buying personal care / hygiene products? not a single chance. right?

So for long term FMCG stocks, our first choice will be as per following.

Hindustan unilever
Dabur India
Britania Industries
Nestle India ( small retail investors can skip this stock, as price is little higher. but mind you this is really pure gold. without any doubt)

3) NBFC (Non Banking Financial corporations)

As we living in 21st century where our daily needs /  tech requirements requires lot of money. Who dont need financial help. Everyone . Right?
Even for small purchase peoples use finance, which finance do you use mostly? please commend below.
People often takes load for house loan, car loan, personal loan etc.

in this sector 3 big players are here.

Best long term stocks/ shares in NBFC sector

Bajaj Finance ( my personally favourite)
Bajaj Finserv  (Parent company of bajaj finance)
HDFC ltd

4) IT and tele communications / Technology

This sector is just amazing, we can't dare to neglect IT sector. as there is very huge potential in upcoming years. we can't bear to loose the chance.

our first pick will be 

Reliance Industries ( You might be shocked why I mention reliance industries in IT/ technology? but friends reliance jio platforms has huge huge ambitions to become a part of india's digital revolution. so please consider this as a combination of petro- chemical and technology. Additionally RELIANCE is the number one ranking company in INDIA. please don't forget this point)


Additionally can go for 

Bharti Airtel

If you have any query then
Please let me know your comments below. 

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