Groww US stocks investment for indian serious investors from september 2020

Groww recently introduced US stocks in groww application. It's still upcoming though.

groww US stocks

There are many opportunities for Indian investors.

It was long pending update from groww app.

Many Indian serious investors would like to invest in US stock market.

By considering this, groww was eager to launch US stock option for Indian investors.

Finally the day is here, now all serious investors can invest in US stock market.

here, you can find all big inc 
USA tech gient Google, amazon, apple, microsoft
USA fast food chains, coca cola, McDonald's corp, pepsi co , starbucks
USA entertaining stocks, walt disney company, discovery, netflix, electronic arts
USA automobile stocks, ford, harley davidson inc, tesla, general motors
all top blue chip companies from the United states of america.

Can start investing with as little as 1 (one) dollar.

Well it all looks so fancy, but would you like to invest in US stock market from india?

If you are new here, you may want to become serious investor. This is right place for you~

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