First post at groww about personal finance

 Hello investors/ visitors,

This is the first post at

What you can expect from groww.

We would like to inform you that here we shall upload all topics related to personal finance.

so the common questions from most of you would be, what is the personal finance?

how it affects on our financial ?

first post at groww

well the topic about finance not cover in primary education, where it should literate us all.

unfortunately we need to learn it from our daily life lessons.

once someone failed to mange personal finance, he/she would end up bankrupt.

It is horrible, isn't it?

so in order to avoid this, we all should manage our finance well and neat in manner.

to do that , we don;t need any professional financial advisor at fist place.

Anyone with basic money knowledge should be able to fix this.

First thing you need to do is.

1) Track your income and outcome

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