How to improve cibil score immediately from 600 to 750 in 2021

Here are proven ways/methods for how to improve CIBIL score immediately from 600 to 750 in 2021.

I personally used it and got CIBIL score above 775 in just 3 months. (Anything between 700 to 900 considered a good CIBIL score)

Currently, I have CIBIL Scores like this

Bajaj Finserv credit report (722 CIBIL Score) 

Bank Bazaar credit report (775 CIBIL Score) 

Both scores vary a little, it doesn't bother me at all.

I didn't have a credit card, tired of applying to several credit card companies. like HDFC credit card, SBI credit card, Yes bank credit card, RBL Bank credit card, Axis credit card even to Kotak Mahindra bank credit card as well.

They all asked me for income proof and my CIBIL score was 0, as I never sought a bank loan or credit card.

If you are facing the same problem then please follow the following steps.

1) Open an FD account in any bank which you think is comfortable for you

 In my case, I opened a new account in ICICI Bank.

2) Opened fixed deposit of 15000 INR, They offered 90% of the fixed deposit amount as credit limit for the credit card.

Got ICICI Bank platinum credit card with the credit limit of 13500 INR

3) Congratulations! Done and you will get a credit card at your given communication address.

4) Once you get it, use it wisely. Remember the aim is to build a strong CIBIL Score so we can get another bank credit card without hassle.

Now, How I managed to build a credit score of 775 in just 2 and a half months. ( I got an ICICI bank credit card in march 2021) the credit score is on 19 May 2021.

I used credit card mostly for online shopping. Here is the snapshot of the credit card statement.

March 2021 Credit summary

April 2021 Credit summary

May 2021 Credit summary

As you can notice, I used the credit card and made payment back as soon as possible. This is the only secret I personally used to build my credit score. 

Now I am confident enough, soon my CIBIL score will be above 850/900.

Will share with you guys.

Try this method and let me know, how it worked for you.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy credit. See you in next post.


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