Forever stocks to buy and hold forever

Wow, this is a great question

I often encounter with

Please tell me stocks to buy and hold forever

Well, I think, if you have good observation power then the answer to this question is very easy.

Yes, I am very confident about it

it's easy.

Let me explain to you.

If you say forever that means these companies should have very unique or dominant products to sell in the market and it should have a clear future ahead, agree? so that's the primary quality to hold any stock forever.


According to one of the great investors all-time Warren Buffett.

He also says the same.

You have to invest in a company, it should have a clear vision and demand in the future.

I would give you some company names, that you may think about it.

Please note a disclaimer here, this info is only for educational purposes. this is not a stock recommendation. Before any investment 

do a throughout study yourself and take your financial advisor's suggestion.

Criteria for forever stocks to buy and hold forever

* Should have debt-free company

* Should have diverse competitive products

* Popular brand across India, well known to every age group

* Solid Management

* Strong business model

* Easy to understand business

* Demanding products, must be pull products not push products

Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

hindustan unilever products

No wonder, you would definitely understand Hindustan Unilever products. I bet there shall be more than 2 HUL products at your home. Whether it's Lifeboy, dove soap, Red label tea, ponds powder, fair and lovely (now glow and lovely), Rin, surf excel, kisaan jam, AXE deodorant. The list goes on and on

I want to emphasize, this company has a deep route in Indian households. People have been using HUL products since childhood so there is no chance they change choices. So I recommend do a deep study on this multi-bagger forever stock.

Asian Paints Ltd

asian paints

Think about painting your home/office building. Definitely, you would think about Asian paints. This company has a strong distribution network across India. They have a lot of product portfolio to offer.

Britannia Industries Ltd

britannia industries

Weather you are a boy/girl, grown man/woman, you must have taste britannia biscuits. Goodday is the most favourite biscuit in India. Good day and Marie gold are the leaders.

Relaxo footwear 

relaxo footwear

Have you seen relaxo ads on television, think of sparx, bahamas, flite all are relaxo products. Big bollywood superstars appear on relaxo ads. It clear represent brand status.

Akshay kuma- Sparx

Salman khan- Bahamas

Flite- Katrina kaif, ranveer singh, sonakshi sinha, prachi desai, shruti hasan, Shahid kapoor.

Have you ever seen so many Bollywood stars promoting the same brand?

Probably not, right

Let me know in the comment.

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