How to buy shiba inu coin in india

How to buy shiba inu coin in india ?

This is the trending topic among crypto lovers in india.

Well, in this post you will get full idea of how to buy shiba inu coin in india

Have you bought any alt coin in india yet? no then its good to start with shiba inu coin

What is shiba inu

Before investing in crypto currency in india, I personally recommend you to read project whitepaper from shiba inu official website.

I have invested in four cypto currency 

1) XRP ripple
2) Bitcoin
3) Ethereum 
4) Shiba inu

May consider to add another coins later.

wazirx logo

how to buy cryptocurrency in india

Now how you also can buy cryptocurrency in india?

You need a Wazirx account

Open an account and verify it

Add balance in funds, options are available as following.
May use mobikwik account as well.

wazirx funds

Once you add funds in balance,

Go to home screen and search for shiba inu

you will see graph

how to buy shiba inu coin in india

Buying and selling process is very simple

Set the price at which you want to place order 

Put quantity for shiba inu

and last step hit "BUY SHIB"

Whola, you are now part of shiba family and part owner.

Please let me know if you have any question about buying shiba inu in wazirx. 


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