Credit card without income proof

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This is one of the most asked question among students/ house wife's / low income category.

well, what's that question ? 

How I can get credit card without income proof?

In this post you will get clear idea about getting credit card with very simple tips, which I have personally followed.

I was going through same situation.

I have had no income proof / Income Tax Return filing (ITR) and No CIBIL score back in February 2021.

Based on above inputs,

Anyone will say >

You are not eligible for a credit card !

Credit card without income proof

Then it means I will never get a credit card?

Simply, its not correct.

Understand why banks should give you a credit card? (Think like a bank person) at the end they are very keen to give credit card to eligible persons. Right?

they will call you again and again if you are eligible.

The best way to build a trust ( I mean CIBIL Score)

There is only way in India.

Get a Credit card based on fixed deposit

Trust me, this method is the best and I kingly request you to do no follow any crab methods. On YouTube many claims than do this and you will get a credit card.

Its just waste of time and efforts.

So, I kindly suggest you to open a fixed deposit in any private banks. like

ICICI bank, HDFC Bank or Kotak Mahindra Bank.

They will offer 90% of fixed deposit amount as credit card limit.

Minimum you have to open 10000/- fixed deposit. That means you will have 9000 as credit card limit.

Congratulations ! Now you are a Credit card holder (Your good name will be there on stunning credit card) Cheers

Now you have to use this credit card wisely in order to improve your CIBIL Score.

Do use it online for recharge, offline, at petrol station, shop at malls, anywhere.

But, remember Pay credit card bills on time ! this is the most important

Otherwise I would suggest spend the amount which you could easily repay before due date.

If you are paying bills on time, after few months you will notice. Your CIBIL Score is going higher. Banks usually like score higher than 750 out of 900.

Now, you have CIBIL Score as a base to apply a full fledged credit card you deserve.

Weather it may be from your favorite bank. like American express (Amex cards), HSBC Bank credit card, HDFC Bank credit card, ICICI bank credit card or AXIS Bank flipkart credit card.

Whatever you like~

First of all ask you banker for a credit card, where you had open fixed deposit.

In my case, I had received a SBI Card offer based on my ICICI bank statement (I have quite good transaction numbers) so they offered me 2Lakh plus credit limit on simply click GOLD Card.

if they are not offering credit card yet.

Continue the CIBIL improvement process~

and side by side apply on credit card website.

I am pretty sure one out of three will offer you a good unsecured credit card.

IDFC first bank is issuing credit card like no one.

if you open a account there and maintains a good account balance then there qre high chances you will get IDFC First bank credit card (Millennial Card)

Please do let me know if this help or worked for you as well. Enjoy~

If you like these steps, please share with your friends and save there time and efforts. 

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See you in the next post.

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