Hong Kong to India money transfer

Hong Kong is one of the best cities to live in, and a hub of finance in Asia. If you are looking to send money to your family and friends, this is where your questions will be answered.

We help you transfer your HKD back home to India, directly in your bank account.

  1. You will get the best possible rate, HKD to INR (Online rate on Google)
  2. You will save transaction charges.
  3. You will build a long-term relationship with us for your future transactions.

for example, if you want to transfer 10000HKD to India.



Step 1. Search HKD to INR rate online on Google. if Today's rate is 1 HKD = 10.47 INR.

Step 2. You will get 10000HKD * 10.47 = 104700 Rupees in your bank account.

Step 3. Give your HKD to our agent, ( bank details shall be provided) or give cash by hand.

Step 4. The agent will help you transfer Indian rupees to your bank account in India.

Simple process. isn't it?

Frequently Asked Questions.

1) How many hong kong dollars we can send to India.

Answer: No maximum limit. You can send any amount, we can handle it.

We are better than your bank, Western Union, Wise, Octa fx etc, all they charge you a transaction charges or currency conversion charges.

Check our rates and then decide by your own.

If you have any questions that are not answered in this post,

Please contact me at +852 9171 4966 / email: desle.enterprises@gmail.com

About me:

I will gladly help you transfer your HKD to INR and save the transaction and currency conversion charges. If you want to hand over cash to me then a money transfer will be in front of you to your desired bank account in India.

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